So, this is me.

An amateur photographer who despite my exams in photography never really believed in myself and took a job at an office instead of continuing to photograph and develop in what I wanted to do, my creativity died in that office and took years to rebuild .

But here I am now, with a new job where I can both be creative in the office as a manager but that also allows me to remain energy to be creative after a day's work.

Release the creativity!

On this page you will find a collection of photos taken by me.

As a photographer, I have exclusive rights to my photographic works in the moment it has been created. The exclusive right means that I am only one who has the right to spread, copy, transfer or otherwise make the images available to the public.

I also have the exclusive right to change my photographic works or to transfer it to another art form. The exclusive right means that anyone else who wants to use a photographic work must have a permission from me.